Solder Alloy ( Sn-Pb Type ) has been used for soldering and its applications from ancient times . The waste material has Sn-Pb which produces lead liquid and pollutes the ground water. This ground water can be harmful to the human body and the ecosystem.

In recent years, the interest in Global Environment protection has risen. As a result in the EU, the ROHS directives started from July 2006.
Saru -Ishikawa have accumulated their knowledge and have developed a range of Lead free alloys. & have identified required properties as a substitute for Sn-Pb solder listed below .
Melting Point is close to that of Sn-Pb Alloy.
Good wettability between electrode of Electronics parts .
Good Mechanical strength & thermal fatigue.
No corrosion
No Migration
No defects
Stable storage
Economical prices
Saru -Ishikawa offer an advance solution for lead free application which include lead free pastes such as no clean , water soluble & rosin.
Lead free solder bars & compatible fluxes , lead free cored wire , solid wire , preforms & sphere .
Saru -Ishikawa lead free solder complies to all ROHS directives .It has higher mechnical strength, higher yeilds , higher reliability & excellent wetting .
Saru -Ishikawa would be happy to work with your company for the implementation of lead free process
Saru -Ishikawa has also introduced lead free halogen free solder with specified limits on the halogen content as shown below

Standards Descriptions Requirements
JPCAS-ES-01-1999 Japan printed circuits Association( JPCA ) Br< 900 ppm
Cl< 900 ppm
IEC 61246-2-21 International Electro Technical Commission ( IEC) Br : 900 ppm max
Cl : 900 ppm max
Br +Cl : 1500ppm max
IPC-4101B Institute for printed Circuits ( IPC ) Br : 900 ppm max
Cl : 900 ppm max
Br +Cl : 1500ppm max
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