Characteristics of the M/c
Highly effective recycling of Solder Dross.
No addition of chemical or reducer during the process.
Uses Physical separation to ensure a good quality Product.
Stainless steel body
Digital/Button controls.
The recycled solder can be reused.
User friendly.
It can recycle about 40-50 kg of solder dross in approx 8 hours shift
Convenient to Clean Reclaim Rate:>70%
Specification of the M/c :-
Operating temperature 450oC
Temperature setting Displaying Digital Display
Temperature Sensor Sheath  type K Electrothermal pair
Heater (kw) 3
Size of furnace (mm) F 320 x H 225
Capacity of furnace (kg) 6
Exterior body Stainless Steel
Duct installation mouth (mm) F 103 x L 100 Stainless Steel
The outside size (mm) L 610 x W 620 x H 840
Basic Machine weight (kg) 90
Power supply:-  
Furnace AC 440V
Stirrer Motor AC 220 V
Recycling Process
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